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Dogs and Mogs offers first class accomodation for your dogs and cats

We Supply all your pet’s needs…..

*     Dogs are fed a cooked meat and vegetable loaf with Supercoat dry food unless on a special diet.

*     Cats are offered their favourite tinned food or fresh meat plus quality dry food.

*     Dogs are individually exercised at least twice daily in one of our 36 outdoor exercise yards.

*     Cats have enclosed balconies to lounge in or explore on a rotating basis (i.e. individually).

*     The cattery & kennels have reverse-cycle air conditioning.

*     Beds and blankets are supplies, but you may bring favourites toys/basket/bedding to help your pet settle in (Nothing precious though).

*     A chewy bone or toy may help fill in some time if your pet is very active.

*     If your dog stays with us seven nights or longer he/she will be bathed on the day prior to departure (Conditions apply).

*     We ask that you tell us about your pet’s temperament, any health problems, favourite foods, habits etc.

*     We do not accept savage dogs.

*     We ask you to supply an emergency phone number in case we need to discuss any aspects pertaining to your pet whilst you are away.

*     Please give us accurate booking dates when possible.

*     Special medical situations catered for e.g. Insulin injections, tablets, diets etc.

We endeavour to provide the highest standard of care for your pet.

We ask you to sign a document outlining our conditions of boarding each time you use our facility.